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Formation of a CMI priest takes about 15 years covering Aspirancy, Postulancy, Novitiate, Juniorate, Ecclesiastical & Secular studies, and Regency. Students are directed various formation centres for learning different disciplines and to initiate to religious life.

Vocation Promotor

Fr. Seljo Veliyannukkaran, CMI

Jerusalem Retreat Centre

Thalore By-Pass Road

Pulakkattukara, Thrissur 680 306

Kerala, India

Aspirants' Houses

St. Pius X Aspirants' House, Varandarappilly, India

From 1954 on the Pre-Novitiate course of the Aspirants is being conducted here. Those who join CMI Devamatha Province for religious priesthood will be sent to this house.

Carmel Minor Seminary, Donyo-Sabuk, Kenya

Aspirants of CMI Devamatha province recruited from Kenyan Mission do their pre-novitiate in this house. Carmel Minor Seminary, Donyo-Sabuk is the first formation house of CMI outside India.

St. Berchmans' Aspirants' House, Elthuruth, India

Aspirants of CMI Devamatha province do their Higher Secondary studies in St. Aloysius School staying in this house. Immediately after their studies they will be sent to novitiate.

Novitiate Houses

Little Flower Novitiate, Ampazhakad, India

This novitiate was the common novitiate for the whole congregation from 1889 till 1957 when each province set up its own novitiate house. Now it functions as the Novitiate House of the CMI Devamatha Province.

St. Teresa’s CMI Novitiate, Karaba, Kenya

St. Teresa's CMI Novitiate, Karaba, is the first CMI novitiate out side India. The Candidate from Kenya for CMI Kenyan Mission do their novitiate in this novitiate.

St. John's Juniorate, Ampazhakad, India

The Second Year Novices after their profession are formed in St. John's Juniorate. Immediately after their Juniorate, they will be sent to one of the major seminaries to do their studies in philosophy.

Major Seminary

After the minor seminary formation and novitiate, the candidates of CMI Devamatha province are sent to major seminaries to do their ecclesiastical studies. Graduation in Philosophy and Theology is mandatory for all the CMI candidates  to become a priest. Scholastics of CMI Devamatha Province are sent to different seminaries for their ecclesiastical studies such as Dharmaram (Bangalore), J.D.V. (Pune), Samanavaya (Bhopal) etc.

College Studies

All the scholastics of CMI Devamatha province are as a rule required to do their undergraduate studies before they do their theology course. Right now the scholastics do their studies in different major cities in India, in different disciplines such as Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Commerce, Literature, Economics and History.


Before doing theological studies all the scholastics of CMI Devamatha province are allowed to take a year for practical experience known as regency. All the regents are attached to any one of the houses and help in a particular field of apostolate.